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Go Faster With AzStudio

AzStudio’s fast project setup comes from the fact that environments can be stood up and working with the push of a few buttons. We integrate control of your Azure portal with our fabric to get your new project leaps and bounds ahead from the first time we touch code.


AzStudio Full Feature Set (By Hours)


AzStudio is a feature rich environment with well over 10,000 hours of development time built-in.


The core of our offering, this unifies and standardizes all of your Azure cloud-centric application development

  • Workbench UIX Management Applications
  • Plugin Architecture
  • SQL Fabric
  • Code Generator
  • Federation/Shard Management
  • Environment Management
  • Programmer Utilities/Tools
  • Redis Cache Management
  • Retry Logic
  • Miscellaneous Functions
  • Notification HUB
  • Service Bus
  • Legacy App Modernization
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Usable on an as-needed basis, we provide a rich feature set of security options optimized for Azure cloud solutions

  • Encryption Engine and API
  • Endpoint Management
  • Session Management
  • Roles & Rights
  • UIX Tile Security
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Let us be the core of your new application, doing all the heavy lifting on the basic foundations to get you going fast

  • Application Meta-Schema (applications, modules, verticals, etc.)
  • Application Entity Building Blocks (entities, users, etc.)
  • Logging & Statistics
  • Localization
  • Error Codes
  • Time Zones
  • Storage and FTP
  • Functional Testing (REST)


We extend beyond just the basics by addressing more advanced needs, using the same patterns and standards established throughout our offering

  • Search
  • Jobs
  • Scheduling/Appointments


Utilizing both basic features and third-party integration with advanced options, we streamline all your messaging code into one seamless standard

  • Email
  • Alerts (push/pull messaging)
  • Twilio (email, SMS text, voicemail)
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We are constantly expanding into integrations with the existing tools that you use or will be using in your DevOps pipeline

  • JIRA Integration


Draw your application, manage it from a budget or use perspective, emit dashboards around it, leverage “brushes” to enhance it with a few clicks, etc.

  • Cloud Architecture (Visio-Style) Designer
  • Customized Monitoring Via Mini-plugins
  • Dashboard Designer/emitter
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Deepening our synthesis into the world of DevOps, we help you manage standardized templates that govern true process-driven success

  • Process (Visio-style drag n’ drop) Designer
  • Templates
  • Assignments
  • Help Files


Productivity enhancers for your programmers, all optimized for cloud and hardened from experienced usage

  • API Class and Visual Class Extensions
  • AzStudio workbench is supported on Windows 10



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