Monza Cloud Speeds Microsoft Azure Cloud Development with New Version of AzStudio

New Platform for Microsoft Azure Application Development Saves Tens of Thousands of Development Hours


ATLANTA, January 23, 2018Monza Cloud, an Atlanta-based Microsoft Partner that focuses on Azure tool development and cloud best practices and standards, today announced the availability of a new version of AzStudio. Designed to empower developers to more rapidly develop cloud applications and migrate legacy applications to Microsoft Azure, AzStudio is a platform suite of tools that can reduce development hours 40-60% for cloud-based applications.

“Our latest AzStudio release is a massive step forward for Microsoft Azure application developers,” said Scott Rodgers, CEO at Monza Cloud.  “A host of new features truly empower them to raise their performance to the next level and increase the speed to market for their businesses. The result is a game-changing technology that shifts the paradigm for developers and challenges the current status quo of how developers code in the cloud.”

For faster, more efficient cloud development, the new AzStudio, version 2.1, features enhanced core AzStudio entity building blocks to provide additional features across a robust set of entities – from locations and buildings to desks, roles, and more. This quickly accelerates initial application development out of the box. It also delivers initial support for Notification Hub, including resend policies, full logging and web service endpoint support. AzStudio also now includes improved technology and process for its patent pending Configuration-as-a-Service (CaaS) engine.

For legacy application modernization, AzStudio now provides for the ability to rapidly modernize legacy .Net applications to run on Azure, making the “last mile” of migration to the Azure cloud a simple reality.

Additional features of the new AzStudio 2.1 include:

  • PowerShell Integration– An integrated PowerShell engine allows execution of PowerShell scripts securely from across the entire AzStudio platform.
  • SmartCache System – An intelligent in-memory object state caching system enables users to update object state without bouncing service (silent re-acquire of information).
  • Remote Crypto Service – A new web service allows users to expose all crypto in their applications via a single endpoint without changing current encryption calls. The transparent operation leverages the AzStudio local encryption API.
  • Automated Build Execution – The simple, self-contained, batch build engine is ideal for small teams and automation tasks.
  • Expanded Support – The new version features new support for CosmoDB, Twilio API, Markdown Engine, Provider wizard 2.1, and more.

AzStudio 2.1 is available now. To learn more, visit


About AzStudio

AzStudio is the essential tool for application development and DevOps in the Azure cloud environment. AzStudio provides a comprehensive feature-rich environment that enables you to accelerate building applications on Azure with enhanced integrated security, visual process management, and robust extensibility.

About Monza Cloud, Inc.

As a company born in the cloud, Monza Cloud has deep experience in delivering solutions and products around cloud-centric application development and addressing the unique needs of cloud-centric DevOps challenges. Monza Cloud helps your enterprise focus on standardizing around cloud’s core best practices, future-proofing you with a cloud-ready development approach all while saving time and money in all aspects of application development and operational management.

Headquartered in Atlanta, Monza Cloud builds development tools that support companies mid-market to enterprise in all industries including: financial services, manufacturing, healthcare, education and federal, and state and local government.


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Chief Marketing & Strategy Officer, Monza Cloud


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