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Our product is the essential tool for application development and DevOps in the Azure cloud environment. As a company born in the cloud, we have deep experience in delivering solutions around cloud-centric application development and addressing the unique needs of cloud-centric DevOps challenges. We help your enterprise focus on standardizing around cloud’s core best practices, while saving time and money in all aspects of application development and operational management.

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Robert DYTMIRE | CTO | Monza Cloud



Robert Dytmire is the CTO, chief technical architect, and a founding member of Monza Cloud where he develops the technology behind AzStudio. Prior to founding Monza Cloud, Robert was the chief architect of an Azure-based app that was scaled to accept two million simultaneous users. Previously to that, Robert spent several years as the primary architect of
Chick-fil-A’s research and development efforts, where he developed very forward-thinking approaches to a diverse array of technology challenges, from back-end systems to point-of-sales solutions. Prior to Chick-fil-A, he had a varied career that ranged from firing Patriot Missiles to being one of G.E.’s most senior analysts. He lives in Roswell with his wife and two sons.

Ed Hunkin | Chief Operating Officer | Monza Cloud



Ed Hunkin is a founding member and COO of Monza Cloud, where he directs operations of the consulting practices and internal operations. Prior to founding Monza Cloud, Ed was the programming team lead of an Azure-based app that was scaled to accept two million simultaneous users. Ed has spent most of his consulting career as a programming team leader at the engineering firm of Golder Associates, where he led the development of many environmental compliance solutions for some of the nation’s largest companies in transportation, manufacturing, the energy sector and waste management/recycling. Ed is an Atlanta native and lives in Roswell with his wife and twin boys.

Jacob Crossley | Senior VP of Sales | Monza Cloud


VP Sales

Jacob Crossley is a founding member of Monza Cloud, where he leads sales and account management teams. Prior to founding Monza Cloud, Jacob spent most of his career as a software developer and engineering leader at various product companies and Microsoft Partners. Jacob has had the opportunity to execute end-to-end software development of products through multiple verticals to include, HCM, Satellite and Telecommunications, Retail, Health Care, Manufacturing and Insurance. Jacob’s software development and business background enable him to be a solutions and process oriented sales leader. Jacob lives in Marietta, with his wife, son and daughter.


Ronnie Hollis | Monza Cloud Board of Directors


Founder & CEO, Prestige Staffing

Ronnie is the founder and CEO of Prestige Staffing. Since 1999, Ronnie has grown Prestige from a local staffing company to now be a national presence in the industry. Ronnie manages the executive team as they oversee day-to-day operations. He also focuses on corporate business endeavors including finance, M&A, corporate strategy, and
long term planning for Prestige. Over the years, Prestige has become an award-winning, nationally recognized leader in professional staff augmentation serving the IT and Healthcare industries. Prestige clients range from Fortune 500 companies to small entrepreneurial enterprises. They partner with progressive companies in their search to hire the best full-time and contract talent needed to deliver on their company’s mission. Prestige has offices in Atlanta, Austin, Chicago, Dallas, New York City and St. Louis.

Britt Carter | Monza Cloud Board of Directors


EVP, Prestige Staffing

Britt Carter has been with Prestige Staffing since 2002, during which time he helped to build it into a nationally recognized provider of IT staffing solutions. As EVP of the IT Staffing division he has led efforts to build a recruiting engine and process which has propelled Prestige into one of the fastest growing companies in the US. Prior to Prestige Staffing, Britt was a Managing Director with Motion Recruitment Partners. Britt is an Atlanta native and lives in East Cobb with his wife and two daughters.