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Case Study: Legacy Apps Modernization

AzStudio development tools were pitted against a straight conversion to Azure PaaS using only Azure’s APIs. This is a great example of the speed to delivery provided through AzStudio’s Azure Development Tools. In short, AzStudio saved up to 65% in time & costs for modernization of a legacy app.

Read on to find out how this worked out.


Case Study: Pratt Industries

Read more about how AzStudio’s advance Azure Cloud Development Tools enabled the development team at Pratt Industries to quickly transition through the various phases—from development, to prototyping, to PoC and eventually production of a new Pallet tracking solution.

Case Study: Business Continuity Company

Read how this business continuity company was able to use AzStudio’s pre-built modules to start a baseline framework undergirding their entirely new scalable, Azure-based system. Monza helped them save 40-60% in time and money as they moved from AWS to Azure.