• AzStudio

    Offers full support for its customers, users, and community

    Our Standard and Premium Technical Support packages offer varying levels of responsiveness, from three business days down to as little as two hours for business-critical issues.
    The AzStudio Maintenance Program includes access to all new versions of your AzStudio software, including all major releases, incremental upgrade releases, and discretionary patches. Customers may upgrade their support package to Premium Technical Support for an additional fee at any time.


Standard Support

Standard support is included with any licensed AzStudio purchase & maintenance agreement; users will be provided with our standard technical support. Unlimited email support during standard business hours is the benchmark for this complimentary service, which has several benefits:

Standard support includes the following support benefits:

  • Email support (support@azstudio.io)
  • One to three days response time depending on the severity of the problem reported on submission, Monday-Friday 8:30AM-5:00PM EST (except U.S. holidays)
  • Single point of contact from your company
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Premium Technical Support is Available

Premium Technical Support is an optional upgrade that provides telephone “hotline” support for business-critical issues. Designed to help customers maximize uptime, the response time for critical issues is reduced to two hours during business hours (EST). Premium Support customers also enjoy enhanced response times for non-critical support issues, as well as an engineer assigned to work directly with you on your issues.

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